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Add-Ons for Your Grill

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Add-ons for your grill open up a world of possibilities in outdoor cooking. At HL Posey Builders, we carry only top quality, high performance outdoor grills. Two of our popular lines, Twin Eagles and TEC, offer several add-ons for your grill that will enhance your grilling pleasure.

Extra burners

This simple grill add-on can bring your entire meal outdoors. While your meat and perhaps some veggies are sizzling on your grill, you can whip up a homemade bar-b-que sauce or heat up some baked beans or other traditional grill go-with.

Twin Eagles’ stainless steel 17,500 BTU side burners are available in single or double configurations. The one-piece stainless steel “S” grate lets you easily maneuver pots and pans between the burners. Their oversized 70,000 BTU commercial grade Power Burner features a reversible grate, so you can simmer in a stockpot or stir-fry in a wok.


The early bird may get the worm, but the early guest may get pancakes on the patio! Use your griddle add-on to serve breakfast in your outdoor kitchen. How about eggs sunny side up served in the morning or grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch in the sunshine?  

Inspired by Japanese iron plate cooking, Twin Eagles offers a Teppanyaki griddle fueled by two independent thermostatically-controlled 20,000 BTU burners.

Can’t decide between a side burner or a griddle add-on for your Twin Eagles grill? You don’t have to! The company also combines the two in a piece appropriately called “The Dine & Breakfast Club.” The duo features double burners and a 20,000 BTU griddle side-by-side.

Fryers and Steamers

You want fries with your grilled burger? No problem, with a fryer basket add-on for your TEC Patio, Sterling Patio, Sterling, Sterling G or G-Sport grill.

For a tasty accompaniment to chicken or pork grilled on your TEC grill, steam some veggies alongside your succulent meats. What could be easier than crisp, al dente vegetables served with your juicy meat entrée?


If you are a fan of the Big Green Egg, you owe it to yourself to visit HL Posey Builders’ Egg Room. The iconic kamado style charcoal grill offers add-ons of its own — actually drop-ins. The convEGGtor converts the BGE to indirect convection cooking. Pizza and baking stones make breads, desserts and pizza possible. A drop-in cast iron double-sided griddle is ridged on one side for searing and roasting, and smooth on the other for standard griddle fare. An assortment of racks — including vertical roasters — planks, and cooking grids further “eggspand” the capabilities of this beloved grill.

Wherever you’re grilling, from Marco Island to Sarasota, call us today at 239.229.8273 to explore the world of add-ons for your grill.