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Choosing a Fire Feature for Your Outdoor Living Area

Choosing a fire feature for your outdoor living area in Southwest Florida may have you doing a double take. Fire? In Southwest Florida? Where the temperature rarely dips below 70°? Yes! Unlike northern climates, where fire is generally used to provide much needed heat, in Southwest Florida it’s mostly a matter of ambiance. [...]

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Great Design is in the Details

Designing an outdoor living space Designing an outdoor living space is similar to designing indoor spaces. The key to designing a great outdoor living space is to understand its purpose, and design it accordingly. Is your space going to be public or private? Meaning, will you be sharing it with family, friends and [...]

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Choosing Outdoor Kitchen Materials

Choosing materials for your outdoor kitchen Choosing materials for your outdoor kitchen can be a daunting experience. Or, with a few well-considered questions, it can be a pleasant, fulfilling part of planning your outdoor kitchen, exciting even! The outdoor kitchen materials we offer at HL Posey Builders are all rated for external use. [...]

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Adding Value to Your Home With an Outdoor Kitchen

How much value will an outdoor kitchen add to your home? There’s no question that adding an outdoor kitchen to your home will increase your enjoyment of your living space, but what about increasing your home’s value? Let’s take a look at the process of determining value and see what the experts have [...]

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Top Tips for Designing An Outdoor Kitchen

Create Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen You’ve been considering an outdoor kitchen but still have so many questions. At HL Posey Builders we bring years of experience and insight that can take your outdoor dream and turn it into a reality. Living in Florida provides the perfect climate for year-round outdoor space enjoyment. You’re [...]

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Why Do You Need An Outdoor Pizza Oven?

Backyard barbecues are changing. It’s no longer just grills and games, but instead, outdoor pizza ovens are becoming the new Southwest Florida outdoor kitchen must have. While ordering pizza always seems like the obvious option, HL Posey Builders can add a pizza oven to your backyard space to create an environment that combines [...]

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Why Would I Want an Outdoor Kitchen?

We are often asked why someone would want to install an outdoor kitchen. Customers also tell us their space isn’t conducive for an outdoor kitchen, they will not receive much of a return on their investment, and the available options will not match their current design style. We believe in developing long-lasting relationships [...]

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The Joy of Entertaining

We live in a culture that is centered around food and entertainment. Our internal clocks are driven by what’s on the calendar for the upcoming weekend and what’s for dinner. We work so we can eat and play. Our social media is filled with can’t-miss events and mouth-watering recipes! Imagine combining the joy [...]

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