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Choosing Outdoor Kitchen Materials

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Choosing materials for your outdoor kitchen

Choosing materials for your outdoor kitchen can be a daunting experience. Or, with a few well-considered questions, it can be a pleasant, fulfilling part of planning your outdoor kitchen, exciting even! The outdoor kitchen materials we offer at HL Posey Builders are all rated for external use. They will all perform well when exposed to the high heat of outdoor grilling and the natural elements of Southwest Florida. So the real questions you need to answer revolve around maintenance and budget. Our outdoor kitchen experts are happy to share the pros and cons of each option we offer.


If you like the look of wood, then NatureKast may be just what you’re looking for when choosing materials for your outdoor kitchen. NatureKast is a manmade product line with the realistic look of wood. This is owing to the fact that the high density resin doors, drawer fronts, panels and planks are created from molds cast from real distressed Cypress wood, giving the pieces a natural grain and the look of wood without the maintenance. They wrap around cabinets made from 100% polyvinylchloride (PVC) resulting in a 100% weatherproof product built to withstand a harsh environment.


If durability is a priority for you, you may want to consider stone when choosing materials for your outdoor kitchen. Stacked stone is primarily used on the vertical surfaces of the cabinets, backsplashes and vent hoods. Pieces of stone cut in varying thicknesses and lengths are fitted tightly together and stacked, hence the name “stacked stone.” The finished look depends on the type and color of stone you choose. Try our stacked stone visualizer to see various results. If your outdoor kitchen floor surface is stone, you can choose to complement it or to contrast with it.


Tile can be one of the most cost-effective materials for your outdoor kitchen, but you must be careful to choose a high grade porcelain or natural stone such as travertine or marble. It’s also important to minimize the size of grout lines and use aluminum trim pieces at corners and around many of the openings to help reduce maintenance and the chance of chipping. Grout should be mixed with a self-sealing additive instead of water. Glass or very smooth tiles are best for backsplashes with darker grouts, especially behind the grill, for ease of cleaning.


Stucco is a cement-based mortar that is spread over a solid backing — usually concrete block or a steel frame with backer board attached. It’s lightweight and easy to apply, and the experts at HL Posey Builders can create unique patterns with the trowel work. Durable stucco is your best bet for matching your home in color and design, as most Southwest Florida homes are built of cement block and stucco (CBS). Stucco does require more maintenance and will have to be painted often to keep it looking fresh.

Help with choosing materials for your outdoor kitchen

You can trust the experts at HL Posey Builders to give you the best tips and advice when choosing materials for your outdoor kitchen from Marco Island to Sarasota. We will guide you through the process of selecting flooring, cabinet, and countertop materials that will not only meet your budget and your needs, but also fulfill your dreams. Call us today at 239-229-8273.