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Kick Off Your Tailgating Season

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Tailgating with HL Posey is deliciously easy

Football fans from coast to coast are tailgating and entertaining. Many areas of the country will be knee deep in snow before the final game is played. But here in Southwest Florida, football season heralds another favorite pastime — grilling! Although our temperate weather allows for outdoor cooking year-round, the cooler days and lessening humidity make fall and winter the perfect grilling season. And HL Posey is your one-stop shop for all your grilling needs. So gather your friends and family around the game and follow our tips to kick off your tailgating season — deliciously and easily!

Your game plan for tailgating season

HL Posey offers several grills that are perfect for tailgating. The easy-to-transport TEC G-Sport FR Grill can be set up on any flat service. With a 309-square-inch cooking surface, you can turn out 18 burgers in just 8-10 minutes! In addition, the cooking surface can also be used as a conventional stove – great for warming up a big pot of chili or simmering a beefy brisket.

Prefer cooking with charcoal? On an open picnic grill, you will get about 45 minutes of burn time from lump hardwood charcoal. However in a closed off and air-regulated smoker or a ceramic grill, like the Big Green Egg, the coals will last anywhere from 3-4 hours. HL Posey offers seven sizes of the popular egg-shaped grill, including one that’s perfect for tailgating. The MiniMaxEGG® packs all the volume capabilities of a Small into the height of a Mini. With its easy-to-grip Carrier, it’s a great traveling grill. Its 133-square-inches of cooking space will fire up meals for 4 – 6 people easily. Why not try Grilled Vidalia® Onion Chicken Peach Skewers for the Florida — Georgia game?

Green Mountain Grills’  wood pellet-fueled grills use approximately two pounds of pellets per hour when cooking at the high temperatures of 450°-500°, recommended for burgers and steaks. The Davy Crockett model is the perfect grill for a couple of racks of mouthwatering ribs or 4 — 6 juicy steaks. With its digital WiFi controller and Sense-Mate thermal sensor, you can keep one eye on the burgers and one eye on the ball! At just 68 pounds it’s perfectly portable and the folding legs making packing the Davy Crockett in your trunk a breeze.

Your tailgating season replay

From Marco Island to Sarasota, fans of tailgating season are also fans of HL Posey Builders. We specialize in building outdoor living spaces that deliver perfect performances year after year. When you’re ready to play your best grilling game, call us at 239-229-8273.

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