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Nature Kast Outdoor Kitchens

Nature Kast weatherproof cabinetry gives you the look of real wood without the maintenance is made to withstand our harsh environment. It is an excellent choice for clients wanting a wood look. It is the first 100% weatherproof cabinet that uses and advanced high density resin system that duplicates the natural color and texture of wood. Nature Kast offers a variety of colors and styles as well as TV cabinets and more.

Nature Kast has perfected the art of weatherproof cabinets, designed to perfectly compliment your outdoor curb appeal.

NatureKast is the first 100% weatherproof cabinet, giving it the ability to hold up against our harsh weather conditions. It is manufactured from a technologically advanced hi-density resin system that replicates the natural color and texture of real wood. Think of resin like a light-weight foam that’s injected with a die and pressed down with a considerable force, compressing the cell-like structure of the foam into something very dense and strong. NatureKast designs the inside of the die to look like real wood. All doors, drawer fronts, panels, and planks are created from molds cast from real distressed Cypress wood to give an amazing natural grain detail.

All cabinets and drawer boxes are built from 100% waterproof PVC, which is assembled using a welding bonding process that creates the strongest cabinet box on the market. It is offered in a white or black PVC cabinetry that is light weight and easy to clean by simply spraying it with a hose and wiping it dry.

Nature Kast offers unlimited design options for your outdoor kitchen area, along with the widest range of outdoor TV cabinets, decorative molded elements, and full-access appliance cabinets.

Through NatureKast, we are working to perfect the art of outdoor living! Imagine entertaining your friends and neighbors with an outdoor living space full of a wood finished material that won’t warp, crack, mold, or fade! We promise you will not be disappointed with the amazing touch of a NatureKast cabinet.

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Don’t want to be like the guy or gal down the street? Want something to call uniquely your own? How about letting us work with you to create a totally custom outdoor kitchen. In fact, we’d much rather enjoy working with you to create and build something completely unique and exciting than to work with the guy down the street who wants a “kitchen-in-a-box”. Yes, we can do those if we have to. That’s life (sigh). But what we really like to do is pull out those colored pencils (Okay, it’s actually done on a computer but you get the idea) and draw up something completely from scratch based on asking you some simply questions about what you like. Come on. Give us a call. We’re waiting.

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