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The Joy of Entertaining

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Custom Outdoor Kitchen Entertaining

We live in a culture that is centered around food and entertainment. Our internal clocks are driven by what’s on the calendar for the upcoming weekend and what’s for dinner. We work so we can eat and play. Our social media is filled with can’t-miss events and mouth-watering recipes!

Imagine combining the joy of entertaining and the deliciousness of food into one location that is personal to you! Envision your backyard being the talk of your community because of the bliss it brings to your neighbors! Picture creating the most inviting space for your family and friends to be entertained! Visualize grilling, smoking, cooking, and baking with some of the most innovative equipment on the market!

One of the best benefits to building an outdoor kitchen is creating the perfect space to entertain! Nothing beats a home cooked meal – especially one that is fresh off the grill. Your outdoor kitchen is so much more than a place to stick your grill. It is a step towards creating the perfect outdoor entertaining space!

Many of our grills cook with commercial heat, allowing for more moisture and flavor to remain in your food. Cooking outdoors eliminates the odors that can linger when cooking inside. It allows your house to remain cool and clean, while creating a memorable moment for all friends and family members present!

HL Posey Builders has worked extremely hard over the years to develop a company guided by integrity and honesty. As we build relationships with our customers, there is a mutual respect that makes the process a pleasure for everyone involved. We place a high value on relationships, understanding that what transpires is not just about the money.

Building the perfect outdoor living space takes time and thought. We are here to help you customize your backyard to fit your needs, wants, and desires. We also understand that functionality is key.

Do you follow up a round of golf with an iced cold beverage or two? We can set you up with a full keg station for you and your golfing buddies. Do you spend hours on the water boating and fishing? We have the perfect ice maker that will fit your needs. Do you enjoy entertaining the neighborhood with an amazing barbecue? We can design an outdoor kitchen that includes multiple grills and cooking stations for the entire family.

At the end of the day, our goal is to create the perfect space for you to be able to entertain and enjoy your friends and family. Not only will an outdoor kitchen expand your living space, but it will encourage you to experience the beautiful tropical environment of Southwest Florida!

The perfect outdoor living space is a place where your friends and family will lose track of time. You will know you have made a great decision when everyone is still talking about your customized outdoor space long after visiting you. We promise you will find so much joy in being the central entertainment space for your family and friends!

As we launch the HL Posey Builders Blog, we hope you will follow along and join us in the journey of creating the perfect outdoor living space. We are excited to share recipes, design ideas, an interactive view into our construction process, a glimpse into who we are, and reviews from all angles of what we do!

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