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Welcome to HL Posey Builders – your one-stop-shop for all outdoor entertaining spaces! Let’s face it, you’re visiting us because something has peaked your interest about an outdoor kitchen or outdoor living space. You may have always wanted one, visited with someone that has one, or you have heard the “outdoor kitchen” buzz word. No matter what brought you our way, our hope is that you will find all the information and education you will need to satisfy your reason for doing the research. If you don’t find what you’re looking for – please, just ask us.
We don’t want to sell you anything. You are here, so you are either interested or you already know what you want it, so the selling part is already done. You want to make sure you’re doing the right thing with the right people, while we want to help you make sure your getting the right thing and help you decide if we are the right people.
Let us get started by saying that there is so much stuff out there that will attract your attention that you can easily become more confused than informed. The most important thing to us is making sure your space fits your life and style. Henry (the H in HL Posey) often says it like this, “We have to be good, really good, to take large sums of people’s hard-earned money and replace it with something of much greater value – A Creative Space and Inviting Place to enjoy intimacy, a place for real family time, and a space to foster and grow relationships”. That’s what we do! We help you wade through the eternity of options and nail it down to what’s best for you – knowing that IS where you will find the ultimate value.
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HL Posey is your one-stop destination for all outdoor living experiences!

Building an outdoor kitchen will help you create more space to entertain! Nothing beats a home cooked meal straight off the barbecue. Your outdoor kitchen is more than just a place for your grill. It will be the social space you always dreamed about.

Outdoor kitchens and living spaces have a higher rate of return than many other outdoor projects. Building with the best quality products will ensure a lifetime of enjoyment. Your investment will be one you will proudly show your friends and family for years to come.

We will work with you hand-in-hand to practically maximize your space. It will quickly become the place where new relationships and memories are made! Your parties will be more enjoyable as you create space to enjoy the great outdoors.

Grilled food tastes delicious and can be a healthier option that other cooking styles. Our grills allow for more moisture and flavor to remain in your food. Cooking outdoors eliminates the odors that can linger inside and allows your house to remain cool and clean.


Create your custom outdoor entertainment space for long lasting memories and great tasting food!

We provide a complete line-up of high-quality grills from top manufactures.

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