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Stucco Outdoor Kitchens

Are you looking to have your outdoor kitchen match the rest of your outdoor living space? By creating the perfect stucco outdoor kitchen, we can blend everything together with a sleek modern look. Stucco is a cement-based mortar that is spread thinly over a solid backing. It can be used on the base of the outdoor kitchen over concrete block or directly over a steel frame and backer board. It is lightweight and easy to apply.

We can create unique patterns and textures with a stucco outdoor living space. It can also be colored with pigments in the mix or painted after it has cured, and the color options with stucco are nearly endless. This finish provides a unique durability that will last for years to come.

Stucco is one of the most common materials used on Florida homes. It is designed to withstand the test of time and the harsh Southwest Florida conditions. The ability to extend stucco into your outdoor kitchen helps save money and blend with your current architecture. It is the least expensive material we use on our outdoor kitchens. The beauty of stucco is found in the artistic options, providing a modern look with artistic flares.

We take pride in our stucco installation process. While other companies will cut corners with stucco, we promise to professionally install your stucco outdoor kitchen with the utmost integrity. We will work to blend your stucco finish with your entire outdoor living space, leaving you excited about entertaining your family and friends! Stucco may not provide the natural look of stone, or the perfection of tile, but we promise you will not be disappointed in the finished product.

We are confident that your guests will love the unique look of your stucco outdoor kitchen. Visit our shop today to design the perfect stucco look for your outdoor living space.

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Don’t want to be like the guy or gal down the street? Want something to call uniquely your own? How about letting us work with you to create a totally custom outdoor kitchen. In fact, we’d much rather enjoy working with you to create and build something completely unique and exciting than to work with the guy down the street who wants a “kitchen-in-a-box”. Yes, we can do those if we have to. That’s life (sigh). But what we really like to do is pull out those colored pencils (Okay, it’s actually done on a computer but you get the idea) and draw up something completely from scratch based on asking you some simply questions about what you like. Come on. Give us a call. We’re waiting.

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