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Choosing a Fire Feature for Your Outdoor Living Area

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Choosing a fire feature for your outdoor living area in Southwest Florida may have you doing a double take. Fire? In Southwest Florida? Where the temperature rarely dips below 70°? Yes! Unlike northern climates, where fire is generally used to provide much needed heat, in Southwest Florida it’s mostly a matter of ambiance. There’s nothing quite so mesmerizing as watching the flames dance while you relax in your HL Posey Builders’ custom outdoor living room.

Types of outdoor fire features

If the word “fireplace” conjures up an image of an ugly, soot-stained brick edifice, let our design experts at HL Posey Builders introduce you to the pleasure of custom building your fire feature. Fire features have burst on the home décor scene in myriad shapes and sizes, with just as many purposes. There are bowls, pits, tables, scuppers, troughs, columns, and urns. At HL Posey Builders, we can fashion fire features of concrete, stone, or brick; they can be round, oval, square, or any shape you choose.

The most popular outdoor fire features

The most popular type of outdoor fire feature is the fire pit. Built above ground, a circular stone fire pit creates a classic campfire look. Putting your fire pit below ground adds a new dimension to your outdoor living space. Your fire pit can double as an outdoor cooking spot, but we recommend you do your outdoor cooking and grilling only on appliances designed specifically for that purpose, in a place built especially to house them — your outdoor kitchen.

The combination of fire and water is almost irresistible. Pool contractors are planning for fire features of all kinds. Firewalls appear in the middle of a pool; bowls or torches highlight spa areas and waterfalls.

Fueling outdoor fire features

Just as there are many varieties of fuel for outdoor cooking, outdoor fire features can be powered by wood, propane, natural gas, or electric.

Your fire feature doesn’t even have to actually feature real fire! Holographic flames, produced by lights and reflective glass, mimic glowing embers. These fire features often appear in outdoor living rooms as part of a media wall, their subtle sparkle giving television-weary eyes a place to rest.

Choosing a fire feature with HL Posey Builders

We will help you plan your outdoor fire feature in the same careful way we help you design your outdoor kitchen or outdoor living room — by asking you a series of questions designed to discern the purpose and potential use of your fire feature. We’ll discuss the different methods of fueling your fire feature, and we’ll zero in on which construction method would work best for you and your outdoor space. A custom fire feature from HL Posey Builders will warm more than just the balmy Florida nights — it will warm your heart!

We have been fanning the flames for custom fire features from Marco Island to Sarasota. Call us today at 239.229.8273, we’ll have you relaxing by your custom fire feature in no time!