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Nature Kast Outdoor Kitchens

Nature Kast gives you the look of real wood without the maintenance is made to withstand our harsh environment. It is an excellent choice for clients wanting a wood look. It is the first 100% weatherproof cabinet that uses and advanced high density resin system that duplicates the natural color and texture of wood. Nature Kast offers a variety of colors and styles as well as TV cabinets and more.

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Stone Outdoor Kitchens

Do you want an upscale finish for your outdoor kitchen that has a natural look? Choose from natural stacked stone or cultured stone.  These finishes provide long lasting appeal and durability.  It comes as stacked stone or whole stones and offered in a wide variety of patterns and earth tones.  Your guests will admire the stone work on your outdoor kitchen.

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Tile Outdoor Kitchens

If you love tile and you want to have it as part of your outdoor kitchen it can certainly work. Please keep in mind that ceramic and porcelain tile both chip and crack more easily than your other outdoor kitchen choices like granite, stone, and stucco. Maintenance is another factor to consider before installing tile on your outdoor kitchen. It is not the tile that it is the concern but all the grout lines that become the issue. Grout is the most common cause of complaints with tile installations, especially with all the edges and corners of a countertop. The grout needs to be sealed to prevent staining and moisture that causes cracking and crumbling. Grout collects dirt and is more difficult to clean than the tile itself. If you are okay with the additional maintenance and cleaning with a tiled outdoor kitchen, then it may be the way to go. Otherwise a less maintenance free product will be a better choice and you will be happier in the long run.

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Stucco Outdoor Kitchens

Stucco outdoor kitchens offer more of a basic or modern look. Stucco is a cement based mortar that is spread thinly over a solid backing. Stucco can be used on the base of the outdoor kitchen over concrete block, or steel frame. It is lightweight and easy to apply. You can create unique patterns and textures with stucco using a trowel. Stucco can also be colored with pigments in the mix or painted after it has cured. This finish provides long lasting durability for years to come.

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Enjoy Your Outdoor Living Space


Don’t want to be like the guy or gal down the street? Want something to call uniquely your own? How about letting us work with you to create a totally custom outdoor kitchen. In fact, we’d much rather enjoy working with you to create and build something completely unique and exciting than to work with the guy down the street who wants a “kitchen-in-a-box”. Yes, we can do those if we have to. That’s life (sigh). But what we really like to do is pull out those colored pencils (Okay, it’s actually done on a computer but you get the idea) and draw up something completely from scratch based on asking you some simply questions about what you like. Come on. Give us a call. We’re waiting.

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