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Tile Outdoor Kitchens

Do you love the look of tile and desire to have it complete your perfect outdoor living space? The options we offer are near endless when it comes to tile. Whether your preference is ceramic, porcelain, marble, slate, smooth stone, or glass tile – we can help you design the perfect tiled outdoor living space! Tile truly offers the widest range of styles and options. A tile backsplash also creates an amazing addition to any outdoor kitchen or outdoor living space.

Tile offers a unique precision, unlike any other finish we offer. We take pride in our installation process and will work to perfect the grout lines to give your outdoor living space a clean, uniform finish. Tile is frequently more cost-effective and can be designed in multiple ways. Depending on the style of tile, we can run them vertically or horizontally. We offer multiple grout colors to provide the perfect finishing touch!

Tile does require more maintenance than some of our other options. Please keep in mind that ceramic and porcelain tile can chip and crack more easily than your other outdoor kitchen choices like stone or stucco.

Grout is the most common cause of complaints with tile installations, especially with all the edges and corners of a countertop or outdoor living space. We recommend sealing the grout to prevent staining and moisture that can cause cracking and crumbling. Grout collects dirt and is more difficult to clean than the tile itself.

If you are okay with the additional maintenance that comes along with a tile outdoor living space, then it may be the way to go. Otherwise a less maintenance free product will be a better choice and you will be more satisfied in the long run.

We are confident that your guests will be in awe at the perfection and precision of your tiled outdoor kitchen. Visit our shop today to design the perfect tile look for your outdoor living space.

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Don’t want to be like the guy or gal down the street? Want something to call uniquely your own? How about letting us work with you to create a totally custom outdoor kitchen. In fact, we’d much rather enjoy working with you to create and build something completely unique and exciting than to work with the guy down the street who wants a “kitchen-in-a-box”. Yes, we can do those if we have to. That’s life (sigh). But what we really like to do is pull out those colored pencils (Okay, it’s actually done on a computer but you get the idea) and draw up something completely from scratch based on asking you some simply questions about what you like. Come on. Give us a call. We’re waiting.

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