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Why Would I Want an Outdoor Kitchen?

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We are often asked why someone would want to install an outdoor kitchen. Customers also tell us their space isn’t conducive for an outdoor kitchen, they will not receive much of a return on their investment, and the available options will not match their current design style.

We believe in developing long-lasting relationships with our customers. As we get to know our customers, they often discover their preconceived notions or concerns about outdoor kitchens are almost always false.

Adding an outdoor kitchen creates the perfect solution for those who love to entertain! In our previous blog, The Joy of Entertaining, we discussed the excitement that comes when we get together with friends and family around a beautifully designed space and delicious food. We know from experience that an outdoor kitchen and entertaining space will assist you in throwing the biggest block party your neighborhood has ever seen!

There is more cooking versatility within an outdoor kitchen than you can imagine! Our extensive line of grills, smokers, burners, ovens, and other appliances give you the ability to cook your favorite recipe on a professional grade appliance. Steak can be perfected on your Delta Heat, Twin Eagles, or Tec grill. The Green Mountain Grill allows you to smoke chicken wings using your favorite flavored pellets. The Big Green Egg gives you the ability to grill, smoke, roast, or bake your favorite recipe. We also offer a full line of pizza ovens, side burners, rotisserie attachments, and much more. You will find more flexibility with your outdoor kitchen than what most indoor kitchens offer!

Your outdoor kitchen will also add equity and increase the value of your home. Realtors have begun adding outdoor kitchens to their lists of exterior fixtures. Property appraisers have taken into consideration the value of outdoor living spaces, including the value of grills, appliances, and other accessories. Home buyers in SWFL have added outdoor kitchens to the list of preferred items. When constructed with integrity and designed beautifully, we have complete confidence that your outdoor kitchen will add to the value of your home!

We have found that each homeowner has their own unique design style, which is exactly why we provide fully customizable options for every outdoor living space. Whether your taste is stone, tile, stucco, or NatureKast – we can construct the perfect outdoor kitchen that meets your style. We can find the perfect color, pattern, and shape to fit your current space. Our construction process allows us to wrap around columns or install your kitchen into a screened lanai. We can fit any angled corner you may have or even complete a 15’ straight-run outdoor kitchen. What you want matters to us, which is why we provide endless options and fully customizable outdoor kitchens!

Finally, you will find your outdoor kitchen comes with a massive curb appeal. We often have neighbors stop by during the construction process, intrigued by what they see. Imagine their response when they see the finished product and taste the first barbecue! You won’t be disappointed when your outdoor kitchen becomes the place your friends and family want to be.

On top of the joy of entertaining, cooking versatility, added home equity, endless customization, and curb appeal, is the opportunity to develop a relationship with HL Posey Builders! We are SWFL’s one stop shop for all outdoor kitchens and outdoor entertainment needs. But in the end, our goal is not to sell you something you don’t need or won’t ever use. We desire to help you create the perfect outdoor entertainment space for long lasting memories and great tasting food! We are here for you – the customer – our neighbor and friend! So, the next time somebody asks why they would ever want an outdoor kitchen – we hope you have an exciting story to share!

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